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2021 Fellow

Max Hülsey

PhD Institution
National University of Singapore
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Surendranath Lab, MIT

During his PhD at the National University of Singapore, Max worked with molecularly defined model catalysts to understand correlations between the structure and performance of catalysts. This has led him to design improved catalysts for the removal of environmental pollutants and the conversion of biomass to renewable liquid fuels. He further identified experimental conditions under which dynamic stimuli enhance catalytic hydrogenation and oxidation performance.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Max plans to combine his previous expertise with electrocatalysis in collaboration with the Surendranath and Román groups at MIT. While thermal and electrocatalysis are usually viewed as two distinct fields, Max attempts to find ways to unify our understanding of charge transfer and surface polarization in the presence and absence of externally applied potentials.

Identifying fundamental similarities and differences between thermal and electrocatalysis is not merely an academic pursuit but may prove to be key for developing technologies for electrified and decarbonized chemical production.