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Schmidt Science Fellows

Developing the next generation of science leaders to transcend disciplines, advance discovery, and solve the world’s most pressing problems.


“The Schmidt Science Fellows program is a powerful way to equip the next generation of scientists and engineers to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries, and to understand the broader economic, policy and ethical implications of scientific research. The program will produce the kind of future leaders we need in research, entrepreneurship, and public policy.”

Eric LanderPresident and Founding Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Principal Leader of the Human Genome Project

"Leadership for the next era of breakthroughs in research will require a new generation of scientist able to understand the culture, language, problems, and approaches of more than just one narrow discipline. … I will be very excited to watch the careers of the Schmidt Science Fellows, who are afforded the opportunity early-on to assimilate an unusual depth in understanding in a second field."

Marsha McNuttPresident, National Academy of Sciences

"This highly distinctive fellowship offers young PhDs an exceptionally privileged year during which they can broaden their perspective. They will become more intellectually-diverse and flexible, and can thereby pursue their later career with enhanced confidence that they've made the choice that's right for them."

Martin ReesUK Astronomer Royal, Former President of the Royal Society

"The Schmidt Science Fellows program is as practical as it is ambitious, placing top, newly minted PhDs in labs and fieldwork, side by side with researchers who can give them a look at nature that’s both deep and fresh. The possibilities are tantalizing."

Alan AldaActor, Activist for Scientific Communication

"The Schmidt Science Fellows program, in partnership with the Rhodes Trust, will give young scientists and engineers an exceptional opportunity to gain vital research and leadership skills."

Louise RichardsonUniversity of Oxford, Vice Chancellor

"I cannot emphasize enough how much a broad knowledge of different scientific disciplines is a competitive advantage in today’s world of academia. I support the aims of the Schmidt Science Fellows program. ... I am confident that alumni of this program will have an important future role to play in setting the research agendas of the world’s leading universities."

Nick JenningsImperial College London, Vice Provost

"The Schmidt Science Fellows, in partnership with the Rhodes Trust, provides an excellent opportunity for fresh talented STEM PhDs to widen their scientific and leadership horizons by working in top laboratories at leading institutions around the globe. This invaluable experience will enable them to develop cross-cultural skills which will be useful when they become future science leaders internationally."

Andrew WeeNational University of Singapore, Vice President (University and Global Relations)