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Raymond Adkins

Howard Group, Yale University

T. Bertie Ansell

Dahlberg Lab and Peay Group, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University

Vesna Bacheva

Stroock Lab and Frank Lab, Cornell University

Yinon Bar-On

Fischer Lab and Frankenberg Lab, California Institute of Technology

Daril Brown

Stavisky Lab and Brandman Lab, University of California, Davis

Joshua Chen

Shapiro Lab, California Institute of Technology

Lillian Chin

Cohen Lab, The National Institutes of Health

Shizhong Dai

Ting Lab, Stanford University

Neil Dalvie

Silver Lab, Harvard Medical School

Yotam Feldman

Hirshberg Lab, Tel Aviv University

Asim Gazi

Murphy Lab, Harvard University

Andrew Hunt

Baker Lab, University of Washington

Ahyoung Kim

Shapiro Lab and Daraio Lab, Caltech

Sahil Loomba

Eckles Group and Mossel Group, MIT

Cecília Magalhães

Gladyshev Lab, Harvard Medical School

Juan Carlos Martinez Mori

Toriello Group, Georgia Institute of Technology

Ariane Mora

Arnold Group, Caltech

Coco Newton

Clarkson Group, Delft University of Technology

Suong Nguyen

Johnson Lab, MIT

Solomon Oyakhire

The Persson Group and The Computational and Experimental Design of Emerging Materials Research Group (CEDER), University of California, Berkeley

Kira Podolsky

Raines Lab, MIT

Shilpa Pothapragada

Ingber Lab, Wyss Institute at Harvard

Krishnakant Saboo

Chang Lab, University of California, San Francisco

Susmita Sarkar

Bao Group, Stanford University

Michael Schoof

Wyss-Coray Lab and Bertozzi Lab, Stanford University

Amy Strilchuk

Li Lab, University of Toronto

Sridevi Venkatesan

Li Lab and Gillis Lab, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and University of Toronto

Julian A. Vigil

The Long Group, University of California, Berkeley

Yanbo Wang

Mischel Lab and Chang Lab, Stanford University

Yuanqing Wang

Computational Intelligence, Learning, Vision, and Robotics Lab (CILVR) & Simons Center, New York University

Matthias Wurdack

Chichilnisky Lab, Stanford University

Yirui (Arlene) Zhang

Dionne Lab, Stanford University