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2023 Fellow

T. Bertie Ansell

PhD Institution
University of Oxford
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Dahlberg Lab and Peay Group, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University

During their PhD, Bertie used computational methods to investigate the role of small-molecule ligands in Hedgehog signaling – a pathway crucial for regulating cell growth and repair in the body. They also developed computational tools for quantification of protein-lipid interactions and integration with experimental data.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Bertie will study plant-fungal-bacterial symbiosis via combined computational and microscopy methods in the Dahlberg and Peay Labs at SLAC and Stanford University. They will develop methods for the acquisition of bonus information from cellular cryogenic tomograms to investigate the mechanisms of molecular dialogue between species. This research has wide-reaching implications, from carbon sequestration within the soil to biofertilization and food sovereignty.

Developing regenerative tools for planetary and human health is essential for species’ survival under accelerating climate change. Bertie advocates to elevate the indispensable symbiotic relations which underpin all life on Earth.