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Selection Process

The Schmidt Science Fellows program works in partnership with a select group of the world’s leading science and engineering institutions to identify candidates to apply for each year’s Fellowship cohort. Our annual process follows these steps:

Each of the selected institutions is invited to nominate a small number of their most exceptional PhD students. Institutions will use their own internal processes to choose nominees who will then be issued with a unique authorization code to access our application portal to register their intent to apply.

Nominated individuals will then complete a full application. Applications will consist of details of academic history, including transcripts, current CV with details of relevant publications, at least four (but no more than seven) letters of recommendation, a personal statement, a research statement outlining their proposed postdoctoral research, and a brief description of potential labs for the postdoctoral placement.

Application packages will then undergo an Academic Review by discipline-specific panels of senior researchers to determine which candidates should progress to the final stage.

Finalists will be invited to an online panel interview with senior figures from academia, business, and society. We expect to announce the 2021 Cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows in May 2021.

For details of the candidate selection criteria for Schmidt Science Fellows please seeĀ here.


Following selection, Fellows will work with the Program team to identify, consider, and finalize postdoctoral placement opportunities, in advance of the Fellowship year beginning in July 2021.

1 July – 30 September

Nominated candidates are selected by their institutions and nominees are asked to submit their preliminary information to our application portal.

30 November 2020

Deadline for applications by nominated candidates wishing to apply for the 2021 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows.

December 2020

Multi-stage review of applications begins, as described above.

May 2021

The 2021 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows is selected and announced.