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2020 Fellow

Mar Cabeza-Cabrerizo

PhD Institution
The Francis Crick Institute
Postdoctoral institution and lab

GBernardes Lab, University of Cambridge

Mar studies the role of dendritic cells in the immune system and, in particular, how they seed barrier tissues such as the intestine and lung. She studied how tissues affected by influenza infection or cancer send signals to expand the dendritic cell network and provide an effective immune response. She completed her PhD in Immunology at The Francis Crick Institute in London where she developed new techniques for quantifying the dendritic cell clusters in 3D.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow working with Dr. Gonçalo Bernardes at the University of Cambridge, Mar hopes to develop a new method for non-invasive imaging of the human immune system in real-time. By being able to visualize immune cells in diseased tissues in individual patients using a new technique, she aims to help us better understand the functioning of disease and the immune system to improve existing therapies.

Mar was born and raised in Malaga, Spain, and studied Biotechnology for her first degree at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid. She moved to London for her postgraduate study. Her interest in interdisciplinary science comes from her experience in the field during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. She hopes to improve current standards of care by moving towards personalized medicine.