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2020 Fellow

Andreas Wallucks

PhD Institution
Delft University of Technology
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Juncker Lab, McGill University

Andreas spent his PhD at Delft University of Technology working on engineering macroscopic quantum systems to observe their behaviour at increasingly bigger length scales and using them for new information technologies. He created an entangled system using very delicate micro-fabricated silicon devices which, stored quantum information in the form of laser-pulse induced vibrations.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Andreas is working with Dr. David Juncker at the McGill University to pivot his research into liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostics. He aims to develop methods to detect and characterize cell-derived vesicles in the bloodstream and to use them as biomarkers that capture the heterogeneity of certain cancers.

Andreas is interested in applying the skills obtained in his PhD, in particular optics and microfabrication expertise, in biomedical engineering. He aims to learn about and explore synergies of biochemistry and physical detection at the microscale with the potential to improve non-invasive cancer detection and develop new methods to guide treatments in the long term.