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2020 Fellow

Deepak Krishnamurthy

PhD Institution
Stanford University
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Fletcher Lab, University of California, Berkeley

During his PhD at Stanford University, Deepak made a discovery about the swimming mechanics of the human schistosomiasis parasite that provides new insights into how it infects us. He also invented a new 3D tracking microscope that allows researchers to follow the movements of microscale ocean plankton over relatively vast vertical distances.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Deepak aims to use molecular approaches to complement his physical biology and engineering training to reveal how genetic and biochemical mechanisms in tiny, single-celled ocean organisms permit them to sense gravity and control their behaviors. This work will help us to better understand the impact of our changing oceans on marine life at a fundamental scale.

Deepak’s interest in marine systems is motivated by the promise of asking fundamental questions at the interface of disciplines such as fluid mechanics, transport science, engineering, and biology, which in turn are both motivated by problems that deeply affect our society and planet.