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2022 Fellow

Elizabeth Phillips

PhD Institution
University of Toronto
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Vincent Group, University of Oxford

Elizabeth completed her PhD in Earth Sciences with research that focused on the degradation of groundwater contaminants in the environment, extending the discipline of compound-specific isotope analysis in new directions to study how enzymes break down contaminants.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Elizabeth has pivoted into bioinorganic chemistry working in the Vincent Lab at the University of Oxford. Elizabeth‘s research will work toward illuminating how hydrogenases oxidize hydrogen to inform scaled-up technology for hydrogen energy. Hydrogen energy has the potential to sustainably support global energy demand without producing greenhouse gas emissions. During her placement, she plans to study how enzymes oxidize hydrogen using electrochemical, spectroscopic, and crystallographic techniques.

Elizabeth is interested in understanding and addressing environmental issues. She believes that bioinspired technology will yield solutions to some of the largest challenges facing society today.