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2020 Fellow

Jennifer Lai Remmel

PhD Institution
Dartmouth College
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Mina Lab, Harvard University

Jennifer is a biomolecular engineer who, during her PhD at Dartmouth College worked on designing next-generation vaccines to drive immune responses to target specific virus vulnerabilities. In the contexts of HIV-1 and Dengue virus, this approach aims to selectively elicit protective antibodies and avoid raising antibodies that may run the risk of enhancing disease.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Jennifer pivoted into computational immunology working with Dr. Michael Mina at the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics to use high-throughput tools and analytical methods to investigate how the antibody response develops over time during pregnancy and influences early immunity in young infants.

Jennifer is motivated by a long-standing fascination with the body’s immune defenses and hopes to provide high-resolution understanding of humoral immunity towards informing best vaccination practices and improved therapeutic strategies.