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2019 Fellow

Jyotirmoy Mandal

Applied Physics

PhD Institution
Columbia University
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Raman Lab, University of California, Los Angeles

Jyoti completed his PhD in Applied Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University, where he created spectrally selective surfaces by structuring polymers and metals to selectively reflect, transmit, absorb or radiate light or heat depending on the wavelength. Such surfaces can passively cool buildings or harvest sunlight for heating applications, potentially making them low-cost and eco-friendly ways to address energy needs in developing countries. 

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Jyoti will pivot from creating spectrally selective surfaces for energy applications to optics and photonics. He aims to use his Fellowship year to study the fundamentals of optical design, and to combine this knowledge with his current expertise to create low-cost optical components. His underlying motivation is to make the technology inexpensive and accessible for widespread use, in applications ranging from autonomous vehicles, urban design, to medical diagnosis.

Jyoti grew up in Bangladesh and is motivated by his experience of the acute need for basic resources in developing parts of the world. He is driven to harness science in the development of optical applications that can address real-world challenges in those environments, using common materials and simple methods that can be locally implemented and readily used.