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2023 Fellow

Michael Schoof

PhD Institution
University of California, San Francisco
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Wyss-Coray Lab and Bertozzi Lab, Stanford University

Michael Schoof is a biochemist and cell biologist. During his PhD he studied the mechanism for activation and inhibition of the cell’s integrated stress response pathway. In addition to this work, he developed a novel single-domain antibody therapeutic against SARS-CoV-2.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Michael will pivot from Biochemistry to Neuroscience, working with Professors Tony Wyss-Coray and Carolyn Bertozzi at Stanford University to study the role of altered protein glycosylation in the mammalian aging process, with a focus on the brain. By applying various spatial omics technologies, Michael’s research promises to help uncover novel hallmarks of the aging process and potential therapeutic targets for improving healthy aging and the variety of diseases associated with aging.

Michael’s passion for science started early in childhood. Watching his parents and grandparents get older, and learning about the societal costs associated with an aging population, focused his interest on a desire to better understand the aging process and help people age better and live longer.