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2023 Fellow

Yanbo Wang

PhD Institution
Johns Hopkins University
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Mischel Lab and Chang Lab, Stanford University

During his PhD, Yanbo developed a novel method of DNA labeling, allowing for broader applicability of genome imaging and mutation detection.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Yanbo has pivoted from Biophysics to Cancer Biology, aiming to understand the mechanism that extrachromosomal DNA helps cancer cells to develop chemotherapy resistance. Working with Dr. Mischel and Dr. Chang at Stanford, Yanbo will apply advanced sequencing technologies to reveal extrachromosomal DNA’s unique genetic and epigenetic features.

Extrachromosomal DNA is prevalent in common tumor types, such as brain, lung, breast, ovarian, bladder, and cervical cancers, and is tightly associated with the worst clinical outcomes. Yanbo’s research paves the way for a safe and effective approach to eliminating drug-resistance cancer cells carrying extrachromosomal DNA.