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Dr. Renée Hložek Wins 2021 McLean Award

We are delighted to congratulate Schmidt Science Fellows Academic Council Member, Dr. Renée Hložek on her recent 2021 McLean Award at the University of Toronto.

The prestigious award is granted annually and recognizes one emerging research leader at the University of Toronto in the field of physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, engineering sciences, and the theory and methods of statistics.

On receiving the award, Dr. Hložek said: “It is a real honor to win the McLean award. I’m lucky to work with talented students and postdoctoral researchers in crafting my research portfolio. This award recognizes the research plan and vision that is made possible by my fantastic team of collaborators.”

Photo Credit - University of Toronto

She continued: “I spend so much of my time working on results, dreaming of new science, and often debugging code. Normally that is its own reward, but it’s really incredible to be recognized for some of the work I’ve done and the scientific risks I’ve taken.”

As Assistant Professor of Astrophysics at the Dunlap Institute and the David. A. Dunlap Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, Dr. Hložek combines theoretical cosmology with observational data to understand what the Universe is made of and how it is changing over time.

As a member of the Schmidt Science Fellows Academic Council, Dr. Hložek supports the growing Fellowship community by providing tailored and focused mentoring to active Fellows. She has also served for multiple years as an Academic Reviewer in the Schmidt Science Fellows Selection process.

Read more about Dr. Hložek’s work and how she supports our Fellowship community here.