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Headshot of Professor Samir Bhatt

Professor Samir Bhatt

Academic Council Member

Professor Samir Bhatt is a member of the Schmidt Science Fellows Academic Council delivering specialist mentoring to Fellows on their research and career. He contributes a breadth of expertise to the Fellowship community, particularly in computer science and machine learning, and has knowledge and experience of the European scientific landscape.

Samir is a Professor of Machine Learning and Public Health at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and a Professor of Statistics and Public Health at Imperial College London, UK. His research focuses on ways to harness the potential of mathematics, statistics, and machine learning to tackle and advance public health questions. Prof Bhatt completed his first degree, in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, at the University of Bath, UK, before continuing to study for a MPhil at the University of Cambridge and a DPhil at the University of Oxford. His DPhil work focused on Statistical Genetics. Prof Bhatt currently splits his time between the UK and Denmark, and lives in Copenhagen.

Samir was named one of 10 inaugural Schmidt Science Polymaths winners in 2022. The Schmidt Science Polymaths is a program of Schmidt Futures.

Samir has benefited from great mentors in the past and attributes much of his success to this. He is keen to give back and help younger researchers achieve their best.