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About Us


Schmidt Sciences

Schmidt Sciences is a philanthropy dedicated to fostering the advancement of science and technology. We approach this by identifying under-supported or unconventional areas of exploration and discovery in order to accelerate and deepen our understanding of the natural world and develop solutions to real-world issues.

We seek ideas, people, and techniques across disciplines of science and technology to catalyze results for society.

Our focus areas include AI and Advanced Computing, Astrophysics and Space, Biosciences, Climate, and Cross-Science programs.

The Rhodes Trust

The Rhodes Trust, based at the University of Oxford, brings together and develops exceptional people from all over the world, and in all fields of study, who are impatient with the way things are and have the courage to act.

The Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate awards providing transformative educational opportunities. Established in 1903, they are the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious international graduate scholarship programme in the world. Nearly 8,000 Rhodes Scholars have gone on to serve at the forefront of government, education, the arts, NGOs, commerce, research, and other sectors. They are well-known advocates for expanded social justice and have advanced the frontiers of science and medicine.