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2023 Fellow

Ariane Mora

PhD Institution
University of Queensland
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Arnold Group, Caltech

Ariane is a reformed engineer with a passion for computational biology. During her PhD, she developed non-linear integration methods using machine learning to model epigenetically (dys)regulated processes such as the transition from early to late-stage cancer.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Ariane pivots from Computational Biology to Protein Engineering and will research carbon sequestration in desalination plants in the Arnold Group at Caltech. She aims to identify a viable and scalable approach for carbon sequestration.

Growing up in Queensland, Australia, Ariane experienced many natural wonders – from the reef to ancient forests. Australia is particularly prone to climate extremes, and the wonders she experienced growing up have already irrevocably changed. However, Ariane holds onto hope that the worst effects of climate change can be mitigated. She plans to dedicate her science and career to working with scientists from multiple disciplines to minimize the damage caused by climate change.