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2022 Fellow

Elise Needham

PhD Institution
University of Sydney
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Butterworth Lab, University of Cambridge

During her PhD, Elise studied how the critical cellular process of phosphorylation regulates health outcomes. She applied new mass spectrometry technologies and developed experimental and computational methods to identify the biological signals associated with glucose uptake.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Elise will work with Prof. Adam Butterworth at the University of Cambridge and pivot from biochemistry to computational genomics. Elise aims to measure how genetic variants rewire our cellular machinery. She will apply this approach to understand how specific genetic variants increase the risk of heart disease.

By linking disease risk genes to the druggable molecules in our bodies, Elise hopes to provide new opportunities for heart disease treatment and diagnosis. Elise will test the applicability of her findings in diverse populations to ensure her work will contribute to improving global health outcomes.