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Gladys Ngetich

PhD Institution: University of Oxford Class: 2019 Fellow Postdoctoral institution and lab:

Space Enabled group, MIT

Specialism: Aerospace Engineering

Gladys was born and raised in Kenya, obtaining her first degree from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. She attended the University of Oxford for her PhD as a Rhodes Scholar. As an engineer, she has been working on advanced cooling technologies for jet engines with the aim of developing more efficient, less environmentally damaging jet engines. 

Gladys is now preparing to pivot to work more directly on projects that address sustainable development goals.  As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Gladys will join the Space Enabled group at MIT to work on space-enabled technology designs that support sustainable development goals, aiming to improve public service and solve local problems. She will be working, in particular, on green alternative rocket fuels for satellite launch and in-space propulsion. 

Gladys is driven by her first-hand experience of challenges faced by communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developing nations. She is motivated to apply her engineering skills to improve the lives of people who need better access to clean water, sustainable energy, and standards of living.