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Paul Ohno

PhD Institution: Northwestern University Class: 2019 Fellow Postdoctoral institution and lab:

Martin Lab, Harvard University

Specialism: Physical Chemistry

Paul completed his PhD in Chemistry at Northwestern University, where he used laser spectroscopy to investigate the molecular structure of the boundary layer, or interface, that forms between two different substances. His work focused on water interfaces so as to better understand, predict, and control a variety of chemical processes, such as groundwater pollutant capture.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Paul will apply his expertise in lasers and spectroscopic techniques to develop and apply new ways of directly determining climate-relevant properties of the aerosol particles that are present in the atmosphere due to both natural and anthropogenic sources. These particles are the cause of some of the greatest uncertainties in our models of climate change. 

Paul’s overall scientific research interests revolve around the environment, sustainability, and chemistry. He is inspired by his childhood in the beautiful state of Maine and observations of the impacts of human activities on the natural environment around him. 

During this research with the Martin Lab at Harvard, Paul aims to study a new chemical system as he draws upon his background in a way that also maximizes his chances of immediately contributing to the field and to answering questions with importance to climate change and human health.