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2021 Fellow

Jamison Watson

PhD Institution
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Román Research Group, MIT

During his PhD, Jamison studied the thermochemical conversion and upstream processing of waste products such as animal manure, crop residues, algal biomass, and human excrement into liquid fuels through a process known as hydrothermal liquefaction.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow working with Professor Yuriy Román at MIT, Jamison aims to create a next-generation refinery that holistically integrates electrochemistry and thermochemistry in tandem to produce sustainable aviation fuel and high-value chemicals from recalcitrant waste streams. Jamison will focus on the waste-to-energy nexus from a different vantage point: thermochemical and electrochemical catalysis.

Jamison is motivated by the potential of developing novel systems that catalyze a paradigm shift in the energy industry. He hopes that waste-to-energy technology can help curtail geopolitical conflicts associated with the energy supply and that the proliferation of this technology no longer relegates rural communities to being solely the consumers of energy but also enables these communities to become producers of energy from waste products.