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2022 Fellow

Kara Fong

PhD Institution
University of California, Berkeley
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Grey Group, University of Cambridge

Kara completed her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, where she integrated theory and molecular simulations to study ion transport in electrolyte solutions. Her work applying this approach to lithium-ion battery electrolytes has improved our understanding of which chemistries and formulations may be promising for next-generation batteries.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Kara aims to apply techniques from quantum chemistry to study electrochemical interfaces, which are central to the performance of sustainable technologies such as supercapacitors, fuel cells, and water desalination devices. Working with Professors Clare Grey and Angelos Michaelides at the University of Cambridge, Kara will work towards a theoretical understanding of how atomistic phenomena at these interfaces give rise to experimentally-observed macroscopic behavior.

Kara hopes that her research will drive forward the development of improved technologies for clean energy and water.