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2022 Fellow

Kevin Ng

PhD Institution
The Francis Crick Institute
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Victora Lab, Rockefeller University

Kevin spent his PhD at the Francis Crick Institute, where he developed new techniques to study repetitive DNA sequences and their roles in cancer and autoimmunity. During this time, he took part in vaccinating and processing samples from COVID-19 patients, which sparked his interest in immune responses to vaccination.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, working with Dr. Gabriel Victora at Rockefeller University, Kevin will develop new models to visualize and track antibody-producing immune cells upon vaccination and infection. In particular, he aims to understand how antibody responses are induced at mucosal surfaces, paving the way for oral vaccines with greater ease of transport and administration.

Kevin hopes that his research will enable the development effective, economical vaccines that can be rapidly adapted to combat future pandemics.