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2020 Fellow

William (Chuck) Witt

PhD Institution
Princeton University
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Materials Theory Group, University of Cambridge

Chuck completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Princeton University, where he worked to improve our understanding of materials with computer simulations based on the physical laws of quantum mechanics. In his dissertation work, he helped to overcome the challenges of simulating many atoms simultaneously by advancing a technique called orbital-free density functional theory.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Chuck aims to use machine learning techniques to study polymers. Working with Prof. Chris Pickard in collaboration with Profs. James Elliott and Gábor Csányi, he hopes to develop a better understanding of plastics recycling, as well as bio-inspired plastics for packaging applications.

Most broadly, Chuck’s scientific work explores how atomic scale phenomena give rise to the world we experience. As a person who enjoys all manner of outdoor adventures, he is motivated to apply these insights to mitigate humankind’s impact on the environment.