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FILM: Can We Transform Our Approach to Plastics?

Austin Evans, a 2021 Schmidt Science Fellow, is pioneering a transformative approach to plastics.

Learn how his interdisciplinary science is setting the stage for plastics that are not only innovative but also environmentally sustainable.

Austin is redefining the realm of plastics through his cutting-edge research at the University of Florida.

Pivoting from synthetic chemistry to applied physics, his interdisciplinary approach focuses on creating plastics that are not just versatile but are also ecologically sustainable, drawing inspiration from nature’s own innovations through evolution.

By envisioning plastics that mimic biological efficiencies and degrade naturally, Austin’s research paves the way for a future where materials science bridges the gap between human needs and environmental conservation.

His vision extends to a world where these new materials could impact everyday life, from health to consumer electronics, making what once seemed like science fiction a reality.