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inSPIREd 2019 – Watch inspiring talks from Schmidt Science Fellows

Schmidt Science Fellows are harnessing the potential of interdisciplinary science to advance discovery and tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Five of our 2018 Fellows shared their science, their ambition for the future, and their vision of the impact they hope to achieve at a special event at Rhodes House, Oxford, UK – watch their engaging and inspirational talks in the videos below.

inSPIREd saw the Schmidt Science Fellows take over the iconic Milner Hall of Rhodes House, nestled in the center of Oxford’s dreaming spires. We transformed this historic venue into a high-tech arena of cutting-edge science for one evening in July 2019. inSPIREd was a special evening of engaging science talks and networking with an international audience, featuring talks on soft robotics, cancer detection, combating species extinction, and advanced, wearable tech.

Welcome to inSPIREd – Dr Megan Wheeler
Join our Executive Director and the live audience in Oxford for an introduction to our inSPIREDspeakers.

Dr Ryan Truby – Can soft materials revolutionize the very meaning of robotics?
Ryan outlines his vision of a world where robots are all around us – untethered from rigid construction and bulky power supplies. By combining materials science with robotics, Ryan explains how his interdisciplinary pivot as a Schmidt Science Fellow is contributing to this revolution.

Dr Jina Ko – Can a fusion of engineering, biology, and chemistry help us to harness the immune system to fight rare diseases?
Jina’s research aims to significantly improve our ability to detect the very earliest signs of cancer and other diseases. Join her to explore how her approach bringing together engineering, biology, and chemistry could offer potential benefits for patients around the world.

Dr Hal Holmes – Can a ground-breaking DNA scanner stop the illegal trade in endangered wildlife?
We are in the midst of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction – a catast