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Dr. Chloe Hutton

Admissions Manager

Joining the team in April 2023, Chloe works with the Admissions Team to support the selection of the most promising candidates for the Fellowship Program. Chloe is involved in all aspects of the candidate journey, from nomination, through application and review, to selection.

Prior to joining the Schmidt Science Fellows program, Chloe spent over 20 years in the medical imaging technology sector where she conducted research and development on innovative diagnostic tools for patients with brain and chronic metabolic diseases. Chloe also played an important role in science communication, providing valuable support to interdisciplinary teams of scientists and clinicians.

Throughout her career, Chloe has been passionate about bridging different fields of science and technology to address pressing global challenges and improve the lives of people around the world. Her dedication to advancing science has earned her a PhD in Medical Imaging of the Brain from University College London, where she also earned an MSc in Computer Science and BSc in Applied Physics.