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Professor Ros Rickaby

Academic Council Member

Professor Ros Rickaby is a marine biogeochemist and Chair of Geology at the University of Oxford.

She leads the OceanBUG research group and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2022.

Her work focuses on complex interactions between the evolution of organisms, ocean chemistry, atmospheric composition, and Earth’s climate. It utilizes acombination of geochemical, microbiological, and genomic approaches to read the geological history of both climate and the chemical environment.

She received her PhD with Harry Elderfield from Cambridge University in 1999 and studied at Harvard for her post-doc with Dan Schrag before being appointed to a Lectureship in Oxford in 2002.

Ros brings UK research environment experience, earth sciences, ocean, carbon cycle and climate disciplinary expertise, and a commitment to advancing interdisciplinary leadership to the work of our Academic Council.