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We are looking for the brightest minds in the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, and computing who are interested in broadening their horizons and pursuing a challenging and rewarding period of study with the world’s leading academics and institutions.


Scientific Curiosity

High degree of intellectual curiosity combined with an extraordinary degree of intelligence, energy, and creativity that will drive future scientific discoveries.

Extraordinary Achievement

Clear record of academic achievement in the sciences at leading institutions of higher learning.


Global Ambition For Social Good

A genuine and demonstrable potential for science leadership and a desire to use one’s personal talents and expertise to make a positive difference in society and the world.

Character and Spirit of Collaboration

Moral force of character and a history of effective collaboration with diverse team members.

Programmatic Fit

Alignment with the Program

Interest in pursuing a year or more of postdoctoral study in a field different from the applicant’s PhD discipline and a belief in the importance of such an interdisciplinary approach for solving the world’s most pressing problems.

Innovative Spirit

General interest and comfort in continuously innovating, using new technologies (e.g., modern computing and data science techniques), taking appropriate scientific risks, and persevering through failure.