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We are looking for the brightest minds in the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, and computing who are interested in broadening their horizons and pursuing a challenging and rewarding period of study with the world’s leading academics and institutions.

We look for a broad range of characteristics in Schmidt Science Fellows – from scientific curiosity and collaborative spirit to a restless ambition to make a difference, and a commitment to interdisciplinarity. This short film shares some perspectives from our Fellowship community on what makes the Program and our Fellows different and highlights some of the characteristics we look for in candidates. Please feel free to share with potential candidates and any colleagues involved in the nominations process.


Extraordinary Achievement

Clear record of academic achievement of the highest quality in the sciences and an extraordinary degree of intelligence.

Scientific Curiosity

High degree of intellectual curiosity combined with energy and creativity; a record of continuous innovation and/or use of new technologies.

Programmatic Fit

Alignment with the Program

Interest in pursuing a year or more of postdoctoral study in a field different from the applicant’s PhD discipline and a belief that interdisciplinary science and the taking of appropriate scientific risks are important for the advancement of discovery.

Collaborative Spirit

History of effective collaboration with diverse team members.


Global Ambition For Social Good

Desire to use one’s personal talents to make a positive difference in society and the world.

Character and Leadership

Genuine and demonstrable potential for science leadership; displaying perseverance, resilience, a moral compass, and a galvanizing force of personality.