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Advancing Interdisciplinary Science

Interdisciplinary Science Rankings 2024

Times Higher Education and Schmidt Science Fellows recognize the Transformative Power of Interdisciplinary Science.

We are working together to recognize, incentivize, and celebrate interdisciplinary science in higher education worldwide.

We will publish the first Interdisciplinary Science Ranking in 2024  to improve scientific excellence and collaboration amongst universities.

The ranking will provide the sector with data to measure and benchmark achievement in scientific research that crosses disciplinary boundaries. It will recognize and reward universities leading on interdisciplinary science to help promote good practice and incentivize interdisciplinarity.

We are looking forward to working with universities across the world to further develop this tool and ensure it can play a positive role in strengthening the way we do science.

Work to develop the project

World Academic Summit afternoon sessions Day 2.

Interdisciplinary Science Ranking: preliminary analysis, published October 18, 2023, explores the data gathered by THE from participating global universities.

The preliminary research is based on a range of metrics including: admin support, measure of success, tenure or promotion, and physical facilities, which are designed to understand the depth and quality of interdisciplinary science at universities and the environment to encourage such work. Find out more.

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