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Ahmad Omar

PhD Institution: California Institute of Technology Class: 2019 Fellow Postdoctoral institution and lab:

Geissler Group, University of California, Berkeley

Specialism: Chemical Engineering

Ahmad completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, where his research focused on using computational tools to develop a complete molecular description of the mechanical properties of hydrogels – materials that are actively being explored as drug delivery vectors, tissue regeneration scaffolds, and wound-healing agents.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Ahmad will pivot from soft matter engineering to explore the fields of nonequilibrium statistical physics and stochastic thermodynamics. With the Geissler Group at University of California, Berkeley, Ahmad aims to leverage these theoretical tools along with his knowledge of soft materials to provide a deeper understanding of the biophysical origins of diseases associated with protein aggregation, such as ALS, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease.