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2022 Fellow

Alexander Heyde

PhD Institution
Harvard University
Postdoctoral institution and lab

DS Fisher Group, Stanford University

Alex is a mathematical biologist developing theoretical models in evolutionary dynamics to better understand clonal heterogeneity, cancer progression, and metastasis. During his PhD, Alex studied the biological processes by which cells evolve and acquire mutations as we age, with consequences ranging from heart disease to tumor formation. His work combined methods from mathematics, biology, medicine, computer science, and statistics.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow working with Professor Daniel Fisher at Stanford University, Alex now aims to probe the theoretical underpinnings of these biological processes, incorporating principles from statistical physics and population genetics to understand the complex interactions and stochasticity at the heart of evolution to enable better therapeutic approaches to improve our lifespan. 

Alex hopes to continue to bring together theoreticians, experimentalists, and clinicians to tackle the global challenges of cancer and heart disease, and to inspire those from all backgrounds and disciplines to become involved in science.