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Fellows are placed in a full-time, 11 to 14 month postdoctoral Fellowship in a laboratory anywhere in the world where they conduct research in a scientific field different from their PhD area.

Postdoctoral Research Placement

Schmidt Science Fellows undertake a postdoctoral placement in a world-class environment that best meets each individual’s needs to develop their interdisciplinary science skills. Placements can be completed anywhere in the world and in a broad range of research environments. We require that all Fellows maintain an affiliation to an academic institution during the placement to support their professional development.

This placement commences after a Fellow successfully completes his or her PhD in the natural sciences, computing, engineering, or mathematics. Each Fellow receives a stipend of $100,000 to support their personal and living costs for the duration of the Fellowship placement.

We ask every applicant to the program to provide initial ideas on three potential placement locations. These are not final or binding. This process encourages every potential Schmidt Science Fellow to fully consider their options and the opportunity being made available to them. Final decisions on placements are discussed with Fellows soon after selection and Fellows are supported by their Academic Council mentors in making the final decision. Decisions are subject to approval by a review panel from the program to ensure the most appropriate fit for each Fellow’s scientific plans and career development.

Additional Study Grant

Our program offers a Fellowship of 11-14 months. We offer an Additional Study Grant scheme for Fellows to extend their postdoctoral placement beyond the initial Fellowship year in exceptional circumstances.

Additional Study Grants can be awarded for up to an additional 12 months, at the discretion of the Program Joint Committee.   A Fellow must make a compelling case that follow-on support will provide the time needed to establish research credibility and expertise.    Fellows are also required to demonstrate that they have explored all other options for funding and that there were no other satisfactory resources to support their research.