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Global Meeting Series

The first year of the Schmidt Science Fellows program features four global meetings at the world’s leading academic institutions, interspersed across the duration of the fellowship. Each meeting has a specific theme and focus, designed to expand the scope of experience and skill sets of the Fellows, and augment their postdoctoral research work.

The Importance of Science to Leadership, and Leadership to Science

Oxford, UK
July 22 – August 4, 2018

The initial visit will introduce the Schmidt Science Fellows program and provide a foundation for the year ahead. The Fellows will participate in a series of courses and exercises focused on:

  • Cutting-edge scientific advances
  • Societal and scientific leadership
  • Socioeconomic and political literacy for scientists and engineers
  • Team management and collaboration
  • Personal network development

These courses and exercises will be led by world-renowned experts, faculty and facilitators at some of the United Kingdom’s top universities. The Fellows will also tour exciting and innovative laboratories in the UK.

Traditional Partners – The Interface Between Science and the Public Sector

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
November 3 – 10, 2018

This visit will build on the ideas and skills learned during the sessions in the UK, delving into more cutting-edge scientific advances and understanding the public sector funding environment. Fellows will be exposed to issues such as:

  • Interacting with and navigating the realities and constraints of scientific research in the public sector
  • Intersections between the sciences and government
  • Collaborating and communicating with policymakers
  • Navigating government funding sources
  • Understanding bureaucratic structures

Fellows will spend extensive time meeting with and learning from scientific and governmental leaders who have successfully navigated these challenges before.

Expanding Horizons – The Interface Between Science and the Private Sector

Northern California, USA
February 23 – March 2 2019 (TBC)

During this visit, Fellows will continue their exploration of new scientific discoveries, scientific and societal leadership, and team management, while adding new insights about collaboration between the sciences and private sector. Fellows will:

  • Get exposure to the entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley
  • Discuss with scientific and private sector leaders what it takes to attract venture interest from the private sector
  • Learn about new models of funding and commercialization
  • See the research taking place at corporations and other laboratories in the area

These experiences will arm Fellows with the tools and understanding needed to engage with the private sector in their future endeavors, and also help them make connections to the Silicon Valley community that will stay with them long after the conclusion of the Program.

Where Do We Go From Here

United Kingdom
July – August 2019

The final visit will serve as the conclusion of the Schmidt Science Fellows program, in partnership with the Rhodes Trust. The Fellows will synthesize and present what they have learned from their year of study and work to their peers. They will also have the opportunity to meet the next year’s class of Schmidt Science Fellows and teach some of the initial courses that will start that new class on their year-long journey. The final week will also help to cement bonds that have formed among the Fellows through social and group activities, providing a foundation for lifelong fellowship and collaboration.