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Selection Process

The Schmidt Science Fellows program works in partnership with a select group of the world's leading science and engineering institutions around the world to identify candidates to apply for each year's Fellowship cohort. The process for the 2020 cohort is as follows:


Each of the selected institutions is invited to nominate a small number of students who are expected to receive relevant PhDs by July 2020. Institutions will use their own internal processes to choose nominees who will then be issued with a unique application identification number. Nominees must access our applications portal to submit their basic personal information between July 29 and August 12 2019.


Nominated individuals will then have until 1 October 2019 to complete a full application. The application requirements include a curriculum vitae (CV) with relevant publications or research, reference letters attesting to the student’s accomplishments and capabilities, and personal statements on why the applicant is interested in the Program and what they hope to achieve during and after it. Candidates will be required to make a case for and consider several placement options as part of the application process this year to ensure optimal postdoctoral placement to support their interdisciplinary pivot.


Application packages will be first reviewed by a board of senior researchers who have knowledge of a wide variety of disciplines in October and November 2019. The best candidates will be invited to participate in remote Pre-Selection interviews taking place through to January 2020.


Short-listed applicants will be invited to face-to-face panel interviews. Final selections for the 2020 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows will be made in spring 2020 following these interviews. 

For details of the candidate selection criteria for Schmidt Science Fellows please see here.



July 29 – August 12 2019

Candidate nominations by selected institutions and nominees asked to submit their personal information to our applications portal.

October 1 2019

Deadline for applications by nominated individuals wishing to apply for the 2020 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows.



October 2019 – March 2020

Applications reviewed through the multi-stage review and interview process described above.

April 2020

Final selections for the 2020 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows made and Fellows informed of their selection.

Following selection, Fellows will work with the Program team to identify, consider, and finalize postdoctoral placement opportunities, in advance of the program beginning in the United Kingdom in July 2020.