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2022 Fellow

Mingyi Wang

PhD Institution
Carnegie Mellon University
Postdoctoral institution and lab

Flagan Lab, California Institute of Technology

Mingyi is an atmospheric scientist who focuses on the critical process of new particle formation in the atmosphere, particularly, the impact of fine particles on air quality, human health, and climate change. During his PhD, Mingyi explored chemical mechanisms driving particle formation in various environments throughout the atmosphere, such as polluted cities, marine regions, and the upper troposphere.

As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Mingyi has pivoted from atmospheric chemistry to aerosol microphysics. Working in the Flagan Lab at the California Institute of Technology, he aims to better understand particle source, sink, and evolution in the free troposphere during aircraft measurements, using a combination of novel particle sizing instrumentation, machine-learning-based data fusion methods, and an aerosol microphysics model.

Mingyi’s research could be essential to assess the time we have for climate mitigation and adaptation by providing a comprehensive understanding of particle formation in the free troposphere and therefore drastically improve climate models where the role of aerosol particles can be unclear.