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2019 Global Meeting – Cambridge, Massachusetts

The 2019 Schmidt Science Fellows recently attended the second Global Meeting of their Fellowship year in Cambridge, Massachusetts, hosted by MIT, the Broad Institute, and Harvard University.

Megan Wheeler, Executive Director, Schmidt Science Fellows, commented: “We convene our Fellows in Cambridge, Massachusetts, because it is a unique and special hub for interdisciplinary science and innovation. We want our Fellows to both meet some of the people that make the place special and to understand what drives that ecosystem. We are grateful to MIT, the Broad Institute, and Harvard University for being our hosts for the Global Meeting.”

Throughout this week-long convening, Fellows had the opportunity to meet and debate with renowned interdisciplinary scientists and institutional leaders, including Eric Lander, Bob Langer, Rick McCullough, and Maria Zuber. These sessions gave Fellows the chance to explore different career paths to leadership positions, the challenges of establishing and running different types of interdisciplinary institutions, and different management styles.

The Global Meeting also provided opportunities to network with researchers at different career stages, including early-career faculty and postdocs from the host institutions.

Fellows visited cutting-edge research facilities, such as the MIT Media Lab and the Broad Institute Genomics Platform. They also deepened their communications skills, taking interactive workshops with the Alda Center for Communicating Science and the data visualization team from the Broad Institute.

Commenting about the impact of the data visualization skill-building workshop in particular, Fellow Asja Radja, said: “The data visualization session was immensely valuable. The team distilled the fundamental design principles that are crucial for the effective presentation of complex data, but also gave us the chance to practice and experiment with them. I found this particularly useful and feel that I will be able to apply these techniques to my work.”

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